Hi sil,

How are you feeling today ^_^~

I hope you are having a great day.

Last night when you called me, you sounded very happy.
I am glad ^_^~ it’s been a while since you’ve been happy when I am around.

I hope you are just as happy after we hang up as well.

I am feeling pretty good today. Not physically. I am sleepy cause I had sinigang stew for breakfast.
I think its because we had a great talk, and I went out with my co-workers to have sushi and we had a great time.
We had saki, and tones of tuna belly, yellow tail, spider roll and mackerel sashimi.
The 3 of us (one Hongkongese, one Corean, and one Taiwanese) eating in a Japanese restaurant, we spent 120 dollars.
That’s 40 bucks each!!!! Holy mad cow disease. I didn’t pay for one penny though ^_^~

I think writing out the truth about how I feel like dieing let some steam out of me
, letting go some of the repressed feeling that I’ve been trying to fight.
I don’t mean to scare you. But if that make you call me, maybe I should do it more often :P
Just kidding ^_^~

Anyway, I am happy today.
I hope you have a great day just as well.
Doing things that makes you happy.
I don’t know if this feeling is here to stay, or is it just another one of my mood swings.
I just hope I don’t bother you and get in your way.
I know how mad you used to get when we were having a great time and someone from your family called you.
I don’t think you are as forgiving to me as to your family members.
So I don’t want to fuel your dislike for me anymore than you already have.

Another weekend is coming, and I still haven’t figured out what I can do for myself.
I had discovered in horror that after my 401 k and stock options.
I am now only getting less than one thousand dollars a month!

I don’t know how I will survive that.
Maybe I’ll just sell some stocks every month?

Smile baobei,

I sure miss it.

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Not since fifth grade have I wished death. I have looked down upon those who have killed themselves. However, at times like this, when it hurts so bad, I really wish all these could just stop.

Knowing that you are doing all the things we used to do with someone else, and enjoying it. Knowing you are treating this person as if he is the love of your life. Knowing you are talking to him at night until you both go to sleep because it make you calm. You use to be so eager to talk to me and now it just feels like I am taking your time from you. It is killing me.

Knowing you feel being with me is like being trapped. Knowing you dislike being with me. Knowing you don't even want to give me one more chance. Knowing there is no way back. Knowing I once encouraged you to do all those things and it still wasn’t enough. It is killing me.

Waking up in the middle of the night and realize all of this isn't just not a nightmare. There is no waking up from it.

I have always wanted you to be happy. But I am the reason you are unhappy. The irony is unbearable.

I wish a truck would run me over. I wish my plane crash. I wish all these pain, would just end in one instant and not go on day after day after day... My pain just makes you despise me because I can’t just get over it and leave you alone.

What do I want from you? You asked me. I don't know. Maybe I just want to start over again. This time I won’t leave you. I will be the one running the 5k with you. I will be the one talking to you until we are both asleep. I will be the one that you come to when you are sad and unhappy. I'll make French toast for you in the morning. We’ll go out to eat at Sushi Riki and be excited about Crunchy roll.

My boss took everyone to a Persian restaurent, called Yas, for lunch today. I ordered eggplant dip because that’s what we always had at Ferducci's. All my co-workers loved it and said it’s a great choice. And all I was thinking is “This taste different. I like the one at Ferdussi's better.”

Will that be the rest of my life? I know I've had the best. Does nothing else can compare anymore? I sincerely hope that is not true. But it surely feels like that now.

What about you? What if one day Ferdussi's closed down? You tried other Persian restaurants and they don't taste the same. Would you still want to eat Persian food? Or would you just give up on it?

I am not the love of your life. For that, I am sorry.

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What's the difference between cats and dogs you ask? You could tell by their attitude.

What do Dogs feel—
My owner treats me so well! Always give me the best food to feed me. Give me toys and play with me. When I am sick, she even takes me to see the doctor. When I am in a bad mood she talks to me. She worries that I get cold in the winter, get too hot in the summer. How can there be someone so nice in the world?
Maybe...... She is GOD?

What do Cats feel—
My owner treats me so well! Always give me the best food to feed me. Give me toys and play with me. When I am sick, he even takes me to see the doctor. When I am in a bad mood he talks to me. He worries that I get cold in the winter, get too hot in the summer. How can there be someone so nice in the world?
Maybe...... I am GOD?

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This is how I save my soul. At least my attempt anyway.
Raspberry Brownie A La Mode and Singigang Stew ^_^~

I don't know how to save my soul.

I know even when I surround myself with a group of new friends, this pain will still be there. Being despised by the person I love so dear, I hope you would never have to experience it.

You didn't contact me the whole weekend. Didn't leave a message on the board. Didn't reply my e-mail. I hope it's just because Sebastian’s there with you the whole time, and not because you don’t want to contact me. It would be a bit unfair that I share with you know all of my thoughts, and you just shut me out.

It’s funny that Bern talked to me on AIM, she tried to cheer me up. Even Luis tried to cheer me up. I really appreciate their kindness. But I also feel a bit sarcastic. Soon, they will probably forget that I ever existed. Bern is your oldest friend. You should be there for each other for ever.

To you, I am, just another person passing by on the road of life. Perhaps I made ripples across the pond of your heart. But ripples always disappear quickly. Bern too will one day almost forget that I existed. She only liked me because she cares for you.

Me on the other hand didn’t think you were just passing by. The worst thing is, I even thought of Goomie and Doob as my own older sisters. I never had any.

"How do you pick up the threads of an old life? How do you go on, when in your heart you begin to understand there is no going back? There are some things time cannot mend. Some hurts that go too deep, that have taken hold." –a great quote from a very nerdy origin.

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I tried to find something to do this weekend.

It seems like all the dragon boat teams up here will not have practice a few month later. I guess it is just too cold up here for practice.

I looked up volunteering, but nothing was up.

I guess I should look up running. But I don't really want to run when it's freezing and rainning at the same time. If it's boating it'd be ok, since I'll be wet anyway.

So I didn't do anything. I read. I finished the second book to the trilogy I was reading. The title is called "Cold Night". I am on the third book, which is the part I saw on TV. The book is a bit too depressing for me, if that's possible. So I'll try to pick up another book to read soon.

Hows your 1984 going? You probably don't have much alone time to read.

Anyway, I ate out 2 days in a row.

And I'll went to Ranch twice, at different locations though.

I saw this little girl sitting in the cart today. Her parents decided they don't need the carrot so they took it out from the cart.

But the little girl paniced and she cried "No no, not the carrots, it's my carrots." Her parents gave the carrot back to her, and she stopped crying and she was hugging the carrots like it was a little puppy.

Her mom tried to comfort her and said "It's ok, we already have carrots at home." Then she tried to take the carrots away.

The little girl cried "No, not the carrots, it's my carrots, please"

So her parents put the carrots back in the cart. And her dad went to hug her. She leaned her body in her father's chest. She was deeply hurt, she needed a place to cry on.

Her mom saw that the little girl was distracted, so she went to sneak the carrots out. However the little girl heard the plastic bag raffleing. And she cried again "My carrots! no not my carrots! I want my carrots!"

She must be the only little kid out there who loves carrots that much.
Very cute. It made my day.

It's funny how people can grab on to something so tight and forget all about it the next moment. I wish I can do that too.

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Temptations - Just my imagination (running away with me)

Each day through my window I watch her as she passes by.
I say to myself, "You're such a lucky guy."
To have a girl like her
is truly a dream come true.
Out of all of the fellas in the world
she belongs to you...

But it was just my imagination
running away with me.
It was just my imagination
running away with me...

Soon we'll be married..
and raise a family.
In a cozy, little home out in the country
with two children, maybe three.
I tell you, I can visualize it all.
This couldn't be a dream for too real it all seems.

But it was just my imagination -- once again --
running away with me.
I tell you it was just my imagination
running away with me...

Every night, on my knees I pray,
"Dear Lord, hear my plea...
don't ever let another take her love from me
or I will surely die.."
Ooh, her love is heavenly;
when her arms enfold me,
I hear a tender rhapsody...
but in reality, she doesn't even know me

Just my imagination -- once again --
running away with me.
Tell you it was just my imagination
running away with me.
I never met her, but I can't forget her.
Just my imagination..
-- ooh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah --
running away with me


I never knew what this song was about.

The melody is just so smooth and sweet, I always thought it is a love song.

I always thought it was about having this girl so great, just like he imagined.

I say to myself, "You're such a lucky guy."
To have a girl like her
is truly a dream come true.
Out of all of the fellas in the world
she belongs to you...

But this time I looked up the lyrics. It's about how all that was just an imagination.

The past 4 years sure feel like that now.

Only a day dream can dissapear and be forgotten that fast...

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How was your day?

Tomorrow is your 5K. You probably need to wake up early right? Are you guys going there together? Are you spending the night together? Or perhaps you have already done that. Does he also find waking up next to you and seeing your peaceful face calm and beautiful? Does he ever say things that I’ve told you before? Does it ever make you quiver because it reminds you of me?

Are those words more believable when it’s coming out of his mouth? Are they more beautiful? Are the experiences that we shared more pleasing when it was him?

I am scared.

I don’t know if I’ll ever to able to love another person as much as I loved you. It scares me because deep down inside I think I know the answer. I don’t think I can love another person when I am not sure I can give her all of myself. There was a girl who was an innocent as the blue sky, one day she grew up and took a little bit of me away. And I don’t know what she did with it. Perhaps she threw it in the trash, perhaps she fed it to the dogs, or perhaps she kept it in her heart also to replace the bit of her I took.

You’ve always asked my why I am so sure about our relationship. I didn’t know you meant you weren’t sure about our relationship. Last four years was amazing for me. For the first time of my life, I was happy most of the time. The only times I was sad is when you were not around. There was no teacher beating me until I bleed. There was no virus killing my mom. There was no parting with friends and every thing I loved. There was only the uncertainty of future, and I thought I could handle it because you were next to me.

It makes me miserable and angry know you did not feel the same way and you didn’t let me know.

Some people said you were unfair and a bit selfish as if that would comfort me. Love is unfair and selfish. That is why I still miss you. I still wish you would call me, even though probably makes you resent me even more.

Baobei, if you had another chance, would you have done anything different? Would you still stop telling me how you really feel? Would you stop hating me like how I don’t hate you? Would you give me a chance to run with you like how we always wanted?

What happened sil? Before I left for Taiwan, you were upset that when I come back, it would be too late for your 5k. If I didn’t miss that race, would you still have run with me?

Today, I take off your bracelet. When you made it, were you mad at me forcing you to make it? It is so pretty yet so grimy, like our love that once existed.

How is Sebastian sleeping next to you? Does he also snore and bother you? I hope he doesn’t. This is your turn to feel happy.

Have fun running tomorrow.

p.s. After I took it off, I spend half an hour trying to make it into my cell phone chain. I am hopeless…

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How are you doing?
I guess that’s a silly question. You must be doing well. Who wouldn’t be happy being with the one that they love. Gong to dragon boat practice to be with friends, running 5k with the one that you care about, you must be really happy now. I just got from San Diego… Ok that’s not true, after I got off the plane I went to my Company’s farewell party. I only had one Genes and I turned purple had had a bad headache.

After admitting that you will never come back again, I am feeling a little better. It still hurts when I look at our pictures, because it reminds me of how happy we were. But when I miss you, it doesn’t hurt that much anymore. I guess I am just getting numb.

When I went to San Diego on Friday, I was feeling pretty good. I guess a new environment helps to distract me. I was amused when I discovered that I am staying in this place with a living room, a study, a kitchen, upstairs and 2 beds alone. I sent you a text in excitement. Then I discovered that I even have 2 bathrooms, I thought it was pretty funny, so I sent another text telling you I have two bathrooms. Little did I know that the first text message actually didn’t go through. So all you saw was me telling you that I have two bathrooms.

I got in the hotel at 9:00 and I haven’t had dinner. My hotel is the Residence Inn at La Jolla, right next to UCSD, the mall, and that church they call Disneyland. So I went for a walk in hope of stumbling on to some nice restaurants. Instead, I found something better, Rubio’s! It must been months since I had Rubio’s. I was so excited, so I sent you another text. I had the tres-fish taco special for 4.25. I love southern California. It’s like coming home, even when I am in San Diego. All the stores are familiar and the atmosphere is the same.

Maybe my messages reminded you of me. When you called me, I was surprised. I was also very touched, because you cared. I am very sorry that I asked you about Sebastian, which dragged our conversation down to the poopers. But like I said, if Sebastian is a big part of your life, there is no avoiding it. I want to be your friend. But I also want you be to truthful to me. If we couldn’t do that when we were a couple, at least we can be truthful when we are friends. I guess I won’t be hearing from you for a while.

The next day after the training, me, Simon (from Hong Kong office) JC (from Korean office) and Dave went to this bar where the Qualcomm people calls Building K. I didn’t want anything to drink, but everyone ordered a glass of Amber, so I ordered a small one. But Dave, of all of them, ordered a glass of water! Wait, that’s what I WANT!

The whole time I was looking at my phone, hoping for something. After I came home, I logged on online and hope to see someone. Finally I decided to get out. I was thinking about going to the Zoo to see the nocturnal animals, but that is only for the summer. So I asked Donna what’s there to do around La Jolla. Instead of telling me where all the hot UCSD girls hang out, she started talking to me, something that hasn’t happened for a long while. We talked about you, and she asked me if I’d like to meet at Rubio’s. I guess she wanted to cheer me up.

So, that’s how I met Donna for the first time. She’s not exactly how I pictured she’d look. Instead of talking about the breakup like she wanted, we talked about politics. Quite funny I think. She’s probably the only girl I know who likes to talk about politics, which is something I don’t really enjoy talking about with friends, ha.

On Thursday, I got back from work and the area around my hotel had a black out. There was no light anywhere at my hotel. So I decided to go to Irvine to have dinner. I figured, it only takes about an hour to get to Irvine. Just like going to Rowland Heights on a weeknight to have dinner right? I was planning to get there and leave the keys, then ask you to pick it up. That way you wouldn’t have to see me. Traffic was worst than I thought, but it still only took about one hour.

When I passed Mission Viejo and the Spectrum I was getting really hungry. When I drove into your plaza, I saw your car. I’ll probably never get to drive it again. I called you to have you pick it up down stairs, you said you weren’t home. I was kind of relieved and sad at the same time. Then I saw Pat inside. I waved at her. She was pretty surprised to see me, why wouldn’t she, haha. I gave her your key and the mayday rock leehom CD. She asked me to come in then asked me if I had anything to eat. Then she asked if I want to go out to eat. I guess everyone wants to cheer me up.

I wanted going to Good year winter, but for some reason it wasn’t opened. So we went to the restaurant next doors. Pat said she was surprised that we broke up. I guess besides you, who weren’t. She said everyone thought we were the perfect couple because we never fought. I thought so too. Pat said you were always kind of mysterious to them. They never knew what you are thinking, or what’s going on with you. I wondered if that was my fault. I told her I always suggested you to go out with Pat but you always felt weird about that.

It was weird having people trying to comfort me, because it doesn’t really make me feel better. I am here eating with Pat, talking about how Rico and Natsuka had a fight because Natsuka said they never do anything, and you are somewhere out there enjoying every moment. I could imagine it. You probably were mad for me coming to Irvine because you said “No, don’t worry about it” in your text, meaning you don’t want me to come over.

Pat said she have seen Sebastian three times. She said he looks like an Alhambra person, which means he looks like an ABC. Also that he is really talkative. I wonder when you two have a conversation who would talk more. Because I know when you like someone you are really talkative too. Maybe this time you’ll be the listener?

I dropped Pat off in front of your door. Pat asked me if I wanted to come in again. Then she hesitated, because she said she doesn’t know what kind of car Sebastian drives, so she isn’t sure if you guys were inside. I don’t think you and Sebastian are inside. But I don’t want to be there anyway. I know you wouldn’t be happy to see me. So I left for San Diego. On the way I was listening to HEAT, the San Diego equivalent of POWER, and suddenly they played Two Occasions by Baby face for no apparent reason.

I know the real reason that you left me is because you love your new life style. Surrounded by friends who will ask you how your day is. Just hanging out with a group of friends doing what ever comes to mind. And me being there and asking you to give me a call is just a burden. But, perhaps you have to admit that Sebastian being there helped speed it up too. I wasn’t going to stand in your way of your new life style. But someone there made you sure that you don’t want me to be a part of your life anymore.

I still miss our own life style. When we can go out together and do things we find interesting. But I’ll have to find myself a group of friends too. Maybe I can learn to forget my love for you just like you did me.

p.s. When I came back to San Diego there were still no power in my hotel and its surrounding areas. The only place that had power was Ralph. Another thing they don’t have up here. There were a whole bunch of UCSD students just haning out in Ralph studying. It was pretty funny.

p.p.s. I wanted to buy you a post card. But I couldn’t find any. Maybe next time.

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愛 你 等 於 愛 自 己
Ai4 Ni3 Den3 Yu2 Ai4 Zi4 Ji3

淋 我 淋 過 的 雨 , 吹 你 吹 過 的 風 , 比 風 雨 還 親 蜜。
Lin2Wo3 Lin2 Guo4 De Yu3, cue ni3 cue guo4 de fong , bi3 fong yu3 hai2 cing mi4
兩 個 人 的 影 子 ,在 同 一 個 天 地 ,擁 有 一 樣 的 回 憶。
Liang3 Ge Ren2 De Ying3 Zi,zai4 tung2 yi ge tian di4,Yung3 yo3 yi2 yang4 de hue2 Yi4

心 想 著 你 , 眼 看 著 你 , 就 像 貼 近 自 己。
Xin Xiang3 zhe ni3,Yan3 Kan4 zhe ni3,jio4 xiang4 tie jin4 zi4 ji3
傻 的 笑 的 , 就 好 像 你 , 像 你 一 樣 甜 蜜。
sa3 de xao4 de ,jio4 hao3 xiang4 ni3,xiang4 ni3 yi2 yang4 tian2 mi4

是 不 是 愛 你 就 會 變 成 你 ? oh..yeah..
shi4 bu2 shi4 ai4 ni3 jio4 hue4 cheng2 ni3 ? oh.. yeah..
愛 你 就 等 於 愛 自 己 Mm..Well..Well(Alright)
ai4 ni3 jio4 deng3 yu2 ai4 zi4 gi3 Mm..Well..Well(Alright)

我 想 你 的 難 題 , 你 寫 我 的 日 記 , 比 愛 人 還 親 蜜。
wo3 xiang3 ni3 de nan2 ti2,ni3 xie3 wo3 de re4 ji4 , bi3 ai4 ren2 hai2 cing me4
我 還 沒 說 可 惜 ,你 已 經 在 嘆 氣 ,不 可 思 議 的 默 契。
wo3 hai2 mei2 shuo ke3 xi2,ni3 yi3 jieng zi4 tan4 qi4,bu2 ke3 se yi4 de muo4 qi4

心 想 著 你 , 眼 看 著 你 , 就 像 貼 近 自 己。
xin xiang3 zhe ni3,yan3 kan4 zhe ni3,jio4 xiang4 tie jin4 zi4 ji3
怪 不 得 , 擁 抱 感 覺 會 越 來 越 熟 悉。
Guai4 bu4 de2,yung3 bao4 gan3 jue2 hue4 yue4 lai2 yue4 shou2 xi

是 不 是 你 所 有 的 秘 密。
shi4 bu2 shi4 ni3 shuo3 yo3 de mi4 mi4。
已 經 成 為 我 的 呼 吸 Ah~ 不 再 分 離。
yi3 jing cheng2 wei2 wo3 de hu xi Ah~ bu4 zi4 fen li2

Loving you is the same as loving myself.

Getting wet on the rain drops falling off of me, Getting blown by the wind that slid off you, we are closer than wind and rain.
The shadow of two, under the same sky, having the same memories.

when I think of you, when I look at you, it's like getting close to myself.
My silliness my smile are just like you, just as sweet as you.

Do I become you when I love you? oh.. yeah..
Loving you is the same as loving myself. Mm..Well..Well(Alright)

I solve your tough problems, you write my diarys, we are closer than lovers.
Before I said pitty, you are already sighing, impecable tacit understanding.

When I think of you, when I look at you, it's like getting close to myself.
No wonder your embrace is becoming more and more familiar.

Have all your secrets,
Become a part of my breath? Ah~ We shall never leave each other.

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It is so hard to stop thinking about you.
I think I have realized that I will never get you back.
You will never love me like you did before.
So I'll do just that.

Just let me miss you one last time.

There are so many things that I miss about you, I don't even know how to start.

I miss seeing your face first thing in the morning.

I miss those times we just opened our eyes and simply look at each other with a smile for a long long time.

I miss you singing good morning, good morning, it’s great to stay up late next to my ears when we didn’t stay up at all.

I miss the times you stayed in bed all day just listen to the rain and watched TV.

I miss those times we just talk when we wake up, the talks that made us understand each other more than anyone else.

I miss the times you flip on top of me and say you love me.

I miss when I made you laugh at the smallest things. An impression or some silly joke, though I am not very good at it.

I miss your innocent smile, as bright as your nick name, makes me forget about my worries, the smile that I fell in love with by first sight.

I miss those four tiny wrinkles on your nose when you smile, just like that song “what a wonderful day”.

I miss the way you say “I don’t have wrinkles on my nose!!”

I miss your nose, I used to bite it. You used to say it’s big, but it is not big at all.

I miss your soft lips, the first set of lips I kissed. They are red like peach blossom on their own, the sexiest feature on your face.

I miss your tongue, soft yet firm, warm and moist like the beach in Taiwan. You make it touch your chin just to make me smile.

I miss your chin. it has a life of its own.

I miss playing with your ears, and hearing you say “No sloppy ear!”

I miss your soft dark brown hair, which is not black. When it was very long I used to sleep on it and hurt you by accident. I love playing with your hair and see you close your eyes to enjoy my touch with a big big smile, making meow meow noises. When we first got together, you didn’t used to comb it. You wanted me to play with your hair, so you started combing it everyday.

I miss the way your hair smells, first it smelled like lavender, then coconut, for a while it smelled like green apple, now it smells like pomegranate. When I tried to bring the two huge bottles of pomegranate shampoo and conditioner onto the plane, the security looked at me like I am crazy.

I miss when I tell you how beautiful you looked, how sexy you are, how cute and pretty you are, with a big smile your eyes lit up as say "Really?"

I miss when I tell you how beautiful you looked, how sexy you are, how cute and pretty you are, you blush looks away and say "You lie, only you would think that."

I miss when I tell you how beautiful you looked, how sexy you are, how cute and pretty you are, you tilt up your head and proudly say "I know~" Even though you are kidding, but I always wished that you really know just how beautiful you are.

I miss when you try very hard to speak Mandarin in your cute sweet little voice to me. You always ask me "Wo3 De Yan3 Jing Zi4 Na3 Li3". Your Yan3 Jing is on your face, and your Yan Jing4 is on the desk :) You are a great learner. Thank you.

I miss when you send me little e-cards and letters. I kept them all. They are in a box somewhere at your place.

I miss going to a mall with you, just browsing the windows because there is little we wanted when we had each other. We would just hold hands, get close to each other. See if there is something that could make each other laugh.

I miss going to Glen Ivy spa with you. I get to see you in your swim suit all day. We get to unwind and talk about anything we want. Remember the first time we went? I had the pita with pine nuts and avocados in it and we shared a glass of Champagne. You got the worse sun burn when you came home. Fake tan~

I miss your beautiful sexy even skin tone, looks good enough to eat.

I miss how much you adored laxy, like he was really your child. You were so happy when we found little clothes for him in Long Beach and you kept asking me if they would fix our chubby little boy.

I miss how you comforted me when I am sad. You would buy me little gifts like Butterstick and the Bunnies just to make me feel better.

I miss those times when you say you are going to kick my butt.

I miss all the little excuses you’d make when you don’t want to shower, brush your teeth, or take off your contacts.

I miss you rubbing your eyes with your arm softly to put yourself to sleep. You look like a little kitten.

I miss when you sing, you’d close your eyes and squeeze out a powerful voice out of that little body of yours.

I miss when you randomly starts singing the "Namo Ami Buddha" song. It makes smile.

I miss when you ask me to sing to you before you sleep. I try really hard not to be too loud and my voice ends up all squeaky.

I miss that time when we went to watch Lion King, and I sang really loud on the way back. You looked at me funny.

I miss when we went to Gospel choir, and we sit next to each other and have fun with singing. We would sing all the back to your place together.

I miss when we went to the Black church in Santa Ana, we were the only two asian people in the place. How we were moved by their power.

I miss taking you to Hotpot, taking you to try new restaurants, taking you to Furduccis, the falafel king, to sushi rikki, to Nice time deli, the porridge place, even when we used to goto Oshine. You were always so excited.

I miss how we would be truly upset when our favorite restaurant closed down when we haven’t gone for a while.

I miss how you were willing to try new things. Sometimes even when you knew you wouldn’t like it, you’d do it just to make me happy.

I miss how you can have fun and be a little kid around me. How being with you makes me be myself. How relaxed and truthful we were. The trust of each other, makes me know you are the one.

I miss the total trust we shared. We trusted each other so much. We respected each other's privacy.

I miss when we talk about places we wanted to go together, Hawaii, Tahiti, Jamaica, Taiwan, Philippines, Alaska, New York, Vancouver, Yellow Stone, Las Vegas, Europe, New Zealand, Australia and San Diego. We would go out and get all the pamphlets and look at the price, planning out our dream vacation.

I miss when I drove for 2 day to Vancouver, you were there to open the door for me. And I forgot about how tired I was. You were so passionate. Don’t you know sil, I am willing to do anything for you.

I miss when you came to visit me. You brought me the bottle of raspberry Champagne. Your chubby cheeks blushed; I thought it looked like the color of happiness.

I miss giving you back rub and foot massages. You looked so relaxed. Like it’s not my hand touching you, but soft warm feather blanket covering your entire body. I miss how you fall asleep right after my massages. Even on that last day.

I love hearing your little moaning. See your face change with every little pain and pleasure. See the joy that came in your face. See the passion in your eyes. Feel no more space left between us. Immerse myself in you. Like that Mayday Rock song, you are the vast warm ocean, and I am just the drop of rain.

I miss taking bubble bath with you. For that I cleaned the bath tub as often as I could in Parkwest, so we could make bubble bikinis for each other.

I miss going to the arc with you. You always look so serious when you work out.

I miss picking you up at school, at work or at home.

I miss cooking with you. Looking up receipts and browsing the grocery store. Make meals that are cheap and fancy. Make meals that we both never had before. Then we enjoy it over a movie, mostly Bridget Jones. Saffron rice, Lemon Asparagus rice, Tofu mushroom in white sauce, Butterfly Shrimp.

I miss cooking for you, so when you get home all tired and cold, you have something warm to fill you up.

I miss you cooking for me. Pancakes, Sinigang Stew, and all the dishes I love.

I miss how you are willing to give up meat almost all the time for me.

I miss your poutie lips when you are mad at me.

I miss your forgiveness and your kindness. Something I have worn out.

I miss the biggest smile on your face that I could see 10 feet away when you are waiting for me at the airport.

I miss when you were happy.

I miss when you were happy because we were together.

I miss when love was easy.

I miss when love yields no pain.

I miss your tears in your eyes that day I left.

I miss when we went to the Grand Canyon. When your eyes were lit by the millions of stars we’ve never knew existed. Watching the shooting stars pass by every ten seconds. Baobei, my wish didn’t come true.

I miss when you say you miss me.
I miss having you to miss.
There is so much more…
And I'll have to forget them all, one day at a time.











像 What A wonderful day 那首歌。





























一邊看著電影…通常都是Bridget Jones。













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