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What does Chief Tyrol and his Deck Crew have in common?  Well, someone mentioned

Maybe, like Hank Hill, Tyrol has a narrow urethra?


So Chief Tyrol is Hank Hill!!! That explains so much, such as why his deckhands always stand around, drink moonshine and fail to make coherent sentences… yep.

King of Galactica

There you go, that's Boomhauer, Hank, Dale and Bill for ya.

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  霸漢在 2008 球季後前往日本測試,日前向友人透露確定和千葉羅德海洋隊簽約,明年將在日本職棒出賽。此消息目前尚未出現於千葉羅德海洋隊的官網上。




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  自從去年到現場觀看第24屆亞錦賽,台灣對菲律賓一戰後,我一直覺得台灣可以投資菲律賓的棒球市場。前一陣子也看到駐亞洲的球探提出在菲律賓打造大聯盟主導的聯盟,做為亞職球員繞過小聯盟前進大聯盟的跳板。沒想到大家都慢了一步,在 2007 年已經有人搶先在菲律賓創立職業聯盟: Baseball Philippines



2007亞錦賽的菲律賓隊總教練 Edgar Delos Reyes 與三壘手 Nino Tator 讓我印象深刻

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Nathan, ever the politician.


There are a lot of talks about Nathan's rapid shifting of sides in Heroes season 3.  Frankly there are a lot of talks about Sylar's rapid shifting of sides in season 3.  Some fans thinks this is due to poor writing, and they are out of character. 


I don't share that view and I think this could possibly be the deepest and most thoughtful season of Heroes yet.  I think the writer is trying to show us it's not your views that makes you a villain, because you can be a villain no matter what your view is.

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Hopefully this is what will be on front pages during the 2009 season. Well, maybe not 2009, but at least by 2011? 


I can dream…can't I ?  He sure looks good in that uniform.

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美國基本工資是時薪 $6.55。如果一週是 40 個工作時間,一年是 $12,576 (等於台幣 41.5萬)。美國大聯盟球員工會訂的大聯盟球員最低薪資是 $380,000 (等於台幣 1,254萬)。美國大聯盟最低薪資是美國基本工資的 30 倍,而登入過 40 人名單的小聯盟球員基本工資是 $60,000(等於台幣 198萬)。只要上過 40 人名單,美國球員最低薪資是美國基本工資的 4 倍。


不曾登錄 40 人的小聯盟球員因為沒有小聯盟工會,第一個球季如果從菜鳥聯盟出發,最低月薪是美金 $1,100。由於最多僅付 10 個月薪水,實際最低月薪低於美金 $1,000 元。但是隨著在小聯盟中的年數和等級增加,薪水也會隨著增加。受期待的選手至少都有美金 $20萬 以上的簽約金。在簽約金用完前升到 AA 以上的等級,就能得到超過美國基本工資 2 倍以上的薪資。

*感謝網友 cyw 、三腳貓提供修正。

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2008 年亞職賽統一7-11獅隊痛擊 SK 飛龍隊,成為繼 2006 La new 熊後第二支在亞職賽中擊敗韓國的球隊。其中極大一部份要歸功於中華職棒首次為亞職派出的專門情蒐小組。第 312 期的職業棒球雜誌採訪了肩負情蒐重任的馮勝賢與林聿文,其中一句話令我思考。


職業棒球雜誌 312 期


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After hearing what Mike Huckabee said about the issue of Gay Marriage on The Daily Show, I have come to the conclusion of what will resolve the debate on Gay Marriage once and for all.


Most prominent anti-gay-marriage politician would argue that a homosexual couple can civil union instead, stating that it grants, to a large extent, similar privileges to marriage.  They also would argue that marriage is a term to define "man-woman" unions, because it is so written in the bible.


I am a firm believer of separation of church and state, so it seems blatantly obvious the solution to this issue is leave the task of defining marriage out of government.  Since marriage and the very definition of marriage is a religious matter, it has no business for the government to sponsor it. 


Couples should go do the paper works for the government to recognize their union, but if they want to be "married" they go to the church and do the religious ceremony.  That is pretty much how it is done anyway.  So I say do it properly.


All future couples should only be recognized as civil unions in the eyes of the government, and marriage or not will be the task for individual's religion to determine.  If your church strongly believes in anti-gay-marriage, fine, then no gay marriage will be recognized by your church and its believers.  But there are other churches and people that would.


I am sure I am not the first one come up with this idea, but it makes a lot of sense to me.

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跳格子雖然只是短片,但是在公視人生劇場播出後卻有許多人向公視詢問會不會出成 DVD 或是 VCD。 被短短 15 分鐘的片子感動的不僅是公視的觀眾,連金馬獎的評審也把最佳新人獎頒給了 Suming 。

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