I tried to find something to do this weekend.

It seems like all the dragon boat teams up here will not have practice a few month later. I guess it is just too cold up here for practice.

I looked up volunteering, but nothing was up.

I guess I should look up running. But I don't really want to run when it's freezing and rainning at the same time. If it's boating it'd be ok, since I'll be wet anyway.

So I didn't do anything. I read. I finished the second book to the trilogy I was reading. The title is called "Cold Night". I am on the third book, which is the part I saw on TV. The book is a bit too depressing for me, if that's possible. So I'll try to pick up another book to read soon.

Hows your 1984 going? You probably don't have much alone time to read.

Anyway, I ate out 2 days in a row.

And I'll went to Ranch twice, at different locations though.

I saw this little girl sitting in the cart today. Her parents decided they don't need the carrot so they took it out from the cart.

But the little girl paniced and she cried "No no, not the carrots, it's my carrots." Her parents gave the carrot back to her, and she stopped crying and she was hugging the carrots like it was a little puppy.

Her mom tried to comfort her and said "It's ok, we already have carrots at home." Then she tried to take the carrots away.

The little girl cried "No, not the carrots, it's my carrots, please"

So her parents put the carrots back in the cart. And her dad went to hug her. She leaned her body in her father's chest. She was deeply hurt, she needed a place to cry on.

Her mom saw that the little girl was distracted, so she went to sneak the carrots out. However the little girl heard the plastic bag raffleing. And she cried again "My carrots! no not my carrots! I want my carrots!"

She must be the only little kid out there who loves carrots that much.
Very cute. It made my day.

It's funny how people can grab on to something so tight and forget all about it the next moment. I wish I can do that too.
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