Hi sil,

How are you feeling today ^_^~

I hope you are having a great day.

Last night when you called me, you sounded very happy.
I am glad ^_^~ it’s been a while since you’ve been happy when I am around.

I hope you are just as happy after we hang up as well.

I am feeling pretty good today. Not physically. I am sleepy cause I had sinigang stew for breakfast.
I think its because we had a great talk, and I went out with my co-workers to have sushi and we had a great time.
We had saki, and tones of tuna belly, yellow tail, spider roll and mackerel sashimi.
The 3 of us (one Hongkongese, one Corean, and one Taiwanese) eating in a Japanese restaurant, we spent 120 dollars.
That’s 40 bucks each!!!! Holy mad cow disease. I didn’t pay for one penny though ^_^~

I think writing out the truth about how I feel like dieing let some steam out of me
, letting go some of the repressed feeling that I’ve been trying to fight.
I don’t mean to scare you. But if that make you call me, maybe I should do it more often :P
Just kidding ^_^~

Anyway, I am happy today.
I hope you have a great day just as well.
Doing things that makes you happy.
I don’t know if this feeling is here to stay, or is it just another one of my mood swings.
I just hope I don’t bother you and get in your way.
I know how mad you used to get when we were having a great time and someone from your family called you.
I don’t think you are as forgiving to me as to your family members.
So I don’t want to fuel your dislike for me anymore than you already have.

Another weekend is coming, and I still haven’t figured out what I can do for myself.
I had discovered in horror that after my 401 k and stock options.
I am now only getting less than one thousand dollars a month!

I don’t know how I will survive that.
Maybe I’ll just sell some stocks every month?

Smile baobei,

I sure miss it.
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