普 通 朋 友 詞曲: David Tao
pu3 tong peng2 you3

等 待 ,我 隨 時 隨 地 在 等 待 ,
deng3 dai4 ,wo3 sue2 shi2 she2 di4 zai4 deng3 dai4,
做 你 感 情 上 的 依 賴。
zuo4 ni3 gan3 qing2 shang4 de yi lai4。
我 沒 有 任 何 的 疑 問 ,這 是 愛。
wo3 mei2 you3 ren4 he2 de yi2 wen4,zhe4 shi4 ai4。

我 猜 ,你 早 就 想 要 說 明 白。
wo3 cai,ni3 zao3 jio4 xiang3 yao4 shuo meng2 bai2。
我 覺 得 自 己 好 失 敗。
wo3 jue2 de2 zi4 ji3 hao3 she bai4。
從 天 堂 掉 落 到 深 淵 ,多 無 奈。
zong2 tian tang2 diao4 luo4 dao4 shen yuan,duo wu nai4。

我 願 意 改 變 (what can I do?)
wo3 yuan4 yi4 gai3 bian4 (what can I do?)
重 新 再 來 一 遍 (just give me a chance)
chong2 xin zai4 lai2 yi bian4 (just give me a chance)

我 無 法 只 是 普 通 朋 友。
wo3 wu2 fa3 zhe3 shi4 pu3 tong peng2 you3。
感 情 已 那 麼 深 ,叫 我 怎 麼 能 放 手?
gan3 qing2 yi3 na4 mo shen,jiao4 wo3 zen3 mo neng2 fang4 shou3?

但 你 說 I only want to be your friend,做 個 朋 友。
dan4 ni3 shuo I only want to be your friend,zuo3 ge peng2 you3。
我 在 妳 心 中 只 是 just a friend,不 是 情 人。
wo3 zai4 ni3 xin zhong zhi3 shi4 just a friend,bu2 shi4 qing2 ren2。

我 感 激 妳 對 我 這 樣 的 坦 白,
wo3 gan3 ji ni3 due4 wo3 zhe4 yang4 de tan3 bai2,
但 我 給 你 的 愛 暫 時 收 不 回 來。
san4 wo3 gei3 ni3 de ai4 zhan4 shi2 shou bu4 hue2 lai2。

So I 我 不 能 只 是 be your friend。
So I wo3 bu4 neng2 zhi3 shi4 be your friend。
I just can't be your friend no,no,no,
I just can't be your friend no,no,no,
我 不 能 只 是 做 你 的 朋 友,
wo3 bu4 neng2 zhi3 shi4 zuo4 ni3 de peng2 you3,
不 能 只 是 做 普 通 朋 友。
bu4 neng2 zhi3 shi4 zuo4 pu3 tong peng2 you3。

Regular Friend By David Tao

Waiting, I've been waiting every minute and every second,
to be the one you rest your love on.
I have no doubt at all, this is love.

I guess you've been wanting to tell me the truth.
I feel that I am such a failure.
Falling from heaven to hell, how helpless?

I am willing to change (what can I do?)
Let us start over (just give me a chance.)

I can't just be just your regular friend.
My love for you is already so deep, how can I just let go?

But you say I only want to be your friend, be a regular friend.
In your heart, I am only just a friend, not your love.

I appreciate your honesty to me.
But my love for you can't be taken back for a while.

So I, I can't just be your friend.
I just can't be your friend no,no,no,
I can't just be your friend,
Not just a regular friend.


I never thought this song would become the exact words out of my mouth.
If I had David Tao's voice, would I be able to sing you back to my side?

Did you have round thingy? Is that kind good?

I guess last time my persian food metaphor could be changed to round thingys huh?
Thank you for calling me today. Thank you for missing me. I know even when I am 70, I’ll still miss you. Miss the times we had. I’ll regret losing you. (till your hair turns grey :P)
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