China has the largest cell phone market in the world.
It is also one of the first markets my company tried to push the location technology into.

But there was a brand new China movie called "Cell Phone", directed by "Fong Xiao Gang" that scared the entire Chinese population crapless (actually a great enviromental movie).

It is about how cellphone is used to invade other's privacy.

Including knowing the exact location of others, down to what building, which floor and what room number. The the cheating husband is caught by his ex-wife and current girl firend.

Let's hope that is just another movie like "The Net", no one will stop using the internet just because of a stupid movie, hope no one will throw away their cell phones just because of a movie.

Actually, it is just impossible to get that accurate, especially indoors. But it's funny to hear the Chinese scared pants less by cell phones, when their government probably knows where they are all the time.

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