Hi sil,

By now you are probably home from the party. I hope you had fun. And I hope you spent lots of time with your old friends, you don’t get to see them often. Tell me about the party when you have time.

Well, yesterday I worked out with Dave and Fred. They are seriously buff. When we were working out, Dave was talking about how he tried to wax his girlfriend’s down there. That was… pretty awkward. He said he used hot wax and he made it too hot and he didn’t hold her skin. She was in so much pain, she didn’t let him go through with it. First of all, those are pretty bad ideas. Second of all, pretty weird at work. Third, was I supposed to say something to that? Like suggested the wax we use? Err…

Afterward I was thinking, why did you let me do it to you? It must have hurt just as much. You let me do it more than once too. I always felt so bad for doing it. Did you do it just to please me? I guess I won’t understand why you would do that for me. Just like you probably won’t understand why I would give you two thousand dollars to pay off your car faster.

Is there no way to save the care we had for each other?

I went out today. I first went to the Redwood City yacht harbor. No one was there. Even though the sun is shining for the first time in a month, but it was still freezing. Then I went to the Great Mall. Apparently the only covered mall in Bay Area.

What are you doing now?
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