I'll admit, since losing you I haven't been able to sleep very well because I dream about you and when I wake up I couldn't get back to sleep.

But today is just unbearable!

At first it just itched at one spot. I didn't wake up. I probably just itched in my sleep. But soon, it spread to more and more places. And it started burning. Finally it woke me up. I tried to ignore it but slowly I started itching them consiously. I started wondering why am I itching? Could there be millions of bed bugs biting me? I looked at the clock, it was barely 4 in the morning. Relactently, I got out of the bed and turned on the light. I looked at the bed, it was fine. But I had all these red marks all over my upper body which really itched.

I decided to wash my bedding at once then I was ready to take a shower. That when the itching marks started to look very familiar. They have turned into these elevated patches. Looks just like what you used to have freshman and sophemore years.

Having experienced them first hand, I realize how much you were in pain everytime they came. Poor sil. Though you looked beautiful even with them on you.

When I took a shower, they were bruning up. Now finaly they are slowly going away and it's already 5:30. This is going to be a long day....

I guess I didn't need to wash my beddings since it's just me, not bugs.

This is probably the worst way of missing you. Being in painful patches that looks like what you used to have. I've got Day Patches....

I hope you are not experiencing this anymore.

You must be happy right now. Is he pretty when he is asleep? Is he as pretty as Leehom here in the picutre? ^_^~
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