I dreamt about you again.

I went to your place, but it looked like a new place.
I think you are the only one living there.

There are 3 or 4 rooms, with a hall way surrounding the living room.
Sun is setting and bright orange light is pouring in through the windows.

I came in looking for you, but I couldn't find you.
And I saw your green backpack laying at the end of the hall way,
So I figured you are home.

I went sat down on the lover chair then you came out.
When you saw me, you gave me a smile and asked how I was doing.
You walked towards me and sat next to me in the lover chair.

You looked beautiful. With your hair down to your shoulders and wearing a light sweather.
You said "Rexy, I want to talk to you about your travel."
Then you took your hand and played with my hair.

I didn't understand what travel you were talking about,
but for some reason I felt so sad, and I broke down in tears.
You are so nice to me. You haven't been for a while.
Not even in my dreams.

You put your hands over me. I said "I don't want to go, I want to stay here with you."

You didn't say anything. You just smiled and we hugged for the longest time just feeling being next to each other.

Then I woke up...

Day, can you find sometime to write me an e-mail about how you've been feeling?
From the time that your feelings changed.
I know it's hard to talk on the phone because we let our emotions get in the way.
But if you write it down, you can tell a more complete story.

I want to know how you are doing.
Let's start our communications by writing to me, please? ^_^~
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