Joey Gathright, you are right, you are the man...

I have seen 5'8" Japanese twins who can jump on top of a full sized grand piano from standstill.  I thought that was amazing.  But at 5'10", i think
Gathrights beaten them all...

Maybe Joey Gathright can show Tsao how to do this.  Talk about having no fears, I've never even seen jumping clear over people in basketball.
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  • CTVincent
  • Great Video~!

    Saw this the other day when it happened.

  • hi :)

    FOX Sports Net kept replaying this a couple days later. They went on interviewing his teammates about "jumping a man". I guess it's a lot more exciting than "jumping the shark" :P

    But it's my first time seeing someone jumping over cars. He has a unique second nature.

    hansioux 於 2008/03/28 22:13 回覆