Well look, I know I've just seen an awesome ball game, taken lots of photos, and had a blast. And if I should write something, it should have been about the ball game, and it probably shouldn't be in English either.

Not that I aren't geeky enough already, but, OMG can you believe the season 4 premier of Battlestar Galactica???

First of all, I am reminded why it is the best scifi ever made. Just the look and feel of this cable network TV show is better than 90% of major summer blockbusters out there. When you add the depth of philosophical questions that the story itself proposes or the daring exploration of real world relevance, it is simply the best show on TV.

I thought DS9's eerie prophecy like insight and forwardness into future world events can never be surpassed. I mean DS9 was a show that ended in 1999, but became extremely relevant since September 11th, 2001. No other show on television ever brought the viewers to examine the basic nature of terrorism this deeply. Why is it that we can identify with the Bajoran terrorists? Why is it that most viewers finds the Maquis un-sympathetical, yet others who feels they are no less justified than the Bajorans? Not to mention the exploration of religion and terrorism was simply way ahead of the tragic events that brought these topics to the front view of the American public.

Yet I now feel Battlestar will be the next prophetical scifi. We may not see how it will be relevant just yet, but I think when the human race is staring extinction right in the face and can no longer run from the things we've done, we'd just realize the greatness of the show too late, like how it was with DS9. The only reason why these shows can achieve the "prophecy like realism" is that Ron Moore and the creators stay faithful to finding out what really would happen and how people really would react in the circumstances. Other shows often copped out going for the dramatic effect.

Back to the actual finale. It was so great, so engaging, so awesome and so much like a huge budget movie, that I felt an indescribable anger, rage and a bizarre sense of content when "To Be Continued..." was thrown in my face at the end of an hour. How can they possibly leave me hanging like that? The only thing that could compare with this annoyance would be CPBL's draw game rule.

Why did Kara go to Roslin? What does she hope to accomplish by pointing a gun at the president of the colonies? What really happened to Kara during the 2 months when she was "supposedly dead". Who is the last Cylon? What is the true nature of Head-Six and just what role is Gius Baltar suppose to fulfill? I feel that there are just as much, if not more questions after this episode than the last season finale.

But I am glad to see a few things:

1. Lee decides to quit the military and go into politics. This probably will have A LOT to do with how the story ends. Lee never truly wished to be a Viper pilot, it is his calling to take up politics. After seasons of being a bland character, Lee is now a fresh cup of tea. He will be as refreshing as Laura Roslin when she first took office. Lee's strong moral code and faith in others will be what saves the fleet from turning on each other.

2. I no longer have any doubt that the supposed final 4 are indeed the final 4 Cylons. Tigh projected himself shooting Adama for gods sakes. Are they preprogrammed? Can they overcome the programming and choose their own paths? How will they make their choices? What can they depend on as their guide, morally or principally, when making their choices? Are the final 4 Cylons even going to stand united or turn on each other?

The rest of the puzzle won't be revealed until next week. So, there... After one whole year of waiting between season 3 and season 4, what's another week, right......?
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