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As Battlestar Galactica jumps into the fourth season, I am beginning to think about the Cylons in a different way. The series explores much deeper philosophical aspects of the real world. So I no longer just take the face value of what are being presented.

Cylons used to be just machines which led themselves to think that there's only one true god. The skin-jobs are machines imitating humans as a ploy to bring the end to the human race. Then we had Boomer, programed to think she is human, only to realize she's a Cylon. After trying to bring the Cylons to see there is a possible way to live in peace only to have everything crash and burn, she now has given up on her human identity.

On the other hand we had Athena. Knowing perfectly that she is a Cylon but chooses to be with the person she loves over the goal of her race. In doing so she learned to live with humans and gained their trust.

With the revelation of the final 5. I think by this point it's clear the Cylons can makes their own choices, despite being identical and able to share information and experiences with one another, making each one of them unique.

Therefore, when I think about them now, the Cylons, at least the skin-jobs, is a symbolic representation of human traits, human choices, self-identification and self exploration.

The uniqueness of each individual isn't how we view ourselves or the way we think. It is defined by our actions and our choices reflects our true personality. In the real world we are faced with the decision to fit in or be unique. We are frightened by the prospects of being an outcast, yet we desperately wish to unique.

This conflict is demonstrated by the Cylons and magnified through the abstraction of science fiction. In a sense, each Cylon models' struggle seems like a persons struggle to find the meaning for being and the reason for existence. Sometimes, the Cylons seems a lot more human than the human on the show. Especially now that Chief Tyrol is on their side.

While it is easy to live under a cause, putting self-demons aside while fighting for a single goal, what happens to the Cylons when the humans are truly exterminated? What then will be the purpose of Cylon's being? Some Cylons are figuring out this problem, and I think season 4 will have to address this issue before bring the series to its finale.
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