What does Chief Tyrol and his Deck Crew have in common?  Well, someone mentioned

Maybe, like Hank Hill, Tyrol has a narrow urethra?


So Chief Tyrol is Hank Hill!!! That explains so much, such as why his deckhands always stand around, drink moonshine and fail to make coherent sentences… yep.

King of Galactica

There you go, that's Boomhauer, Hank, Dale and Bill for ya.

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  • 藍色黑盒子
  • 之前沒看到這篇....現在看到我笑了XDDD
  • They have King of the Hill in New Zealand? :P

    hansioux 於 2009/01/02 20:09 回覆

  • 藍色黑盒子
  • yap...But I always feel that series is dumb, so I don't watch it often. :P