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Health Care Reform Is the Matrix
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Oh… Stephen… you had me at "hmm… where have I heard that before?"

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  • Dorasaga

    The next two should suck. Agreed.

    There's no beef in Mr. President's recent rhetorics. Even the Donkey-loaded Chicago is throwing their disdain at it (as I read the Tribune opinions).

    Com'on, if "superhero" Obama can't get some real work done in universal healthcare, how about if you hire a sidesick help?:

    Super Obama Girl才是王道。
  • I love Obama Girl.... she deserves her own comics.... (referring to her recent work on ComicCon)

    I think Obama knows what he wants to do, but instead of spelling it out, he wants to congress to work out the plan. Because if he spells out what he wants (single payer universal health care) then there would be not ground for negotiations. though frankly, the Republicans don't seen to be in the mood for negotiations anyway. All the health care scare nonsense is ridiculous to those who live in a place with state ran basic health care.

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  • Dorasaga
  • Well, a lot of social psychology are nonsense.

    Why you think USA still honors the right to own guns? State laws that allow concealed weapon?

    We honor and believe the Second Amendment?

    In any event, universal healthcare is about life and death as much or even more than the State right to allow owning guns. Through many reports, we can see the harm of overpayment and the pressure of living cost due to inflated while useless healthcare "promotions."

    We cannot sway them away as "local incidents." The system is falling apart. It's time for a change.

    And yes, I would love to see the "Show of the Obama Girl!"

    Did you post anything on that media thing, by the way? (I emailed you recently.)