My first complete Sony Vegas fanvid.  My dedicattion to the best Scifi show on network television in the last 3 years.  Josh Friedman's Terminator:  The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

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  • formosafitness
  • Summer Glau reminds me of a young Sigourney Weaver sometimes. She's very pretty. I was thinking of buying Vegas myself. I have the demo. It seems very powerful, maybe more than I need. But you have to like Sony.
  • you know what the weird thing is? I've watch Summer's work since Firefly, so I think I am pretty familiar with her features. But sometimes she looks like a different actress in every angle. There were times when I think she looks like Jennifer Love Hewitt, Alicia Stone, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba and Olsen twins. Which is really weird to me, because at those times I feel like I've never seen her before.
    This is perhaps my favorite Summer Glau photo.

    I love Sony Vegas. Not only is it powerful, it is really intuitive. All I learned how to use it by watching a few youtube Vegas guide videos, and the only thing that limits me now is my imagination... which I discover is inferior to a lot of creative people on youtube :P

    by the way, since the cancellation of TSCC, I have replaced my fall TV schedule with Glee and Castle. Those are fantastic shows too, though not exactly Scifi :P

    hansioux 於 2009/11/24 14:58 回覆

  • formosafitness
  • Thanks. I'll check them out. Still waiting for Caprica. Looks great.
  • It's still a long time to wait for Caprica. I think RDM will not disappoint. and i can't wait to see the twelve colonies outside of caprica.

    hansioux 於 2009/11/24 15:03 回覆