Hi Day,

Don't mind me (well, I don't really need to ask),
That was a stupid thing to ask.

I can't even be your friend when I really need one.

I know after you hang up on me, you probably just went ahead and call Sebastian about me harrassing you.

Why has our relationship come to this?
If you didn't have Sebastian right away, would you still be so cold to me?

The thought of you telling him about us just tears me up inside.
If it's about me, I want to be there.
He is probably glad that you can confide to him.
Day, what did I do?

I asked you not to talk to him, but that's not fair of me.
So I'll take it back. If he gets to be your confidant and I don't even get to talk to you, then so be it.
It just hurts, that's all.

Last night my Day patches got a lot worse.

I was covered from neck to toe.
My whole body swelled up and I look like a fat person.

It was a painful night inside and outside.

Good night sil,

I forgot to say to you.
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