For some odd reason I missed That 70s Show a lot a while back. I went on Oiltube and watched a bunch of them. Watching That 70s Show gives me a feeling of spending time with my friends, just chilling and kicking back. It's the comfort food of TV programs is what I am saying.

Anyway, as I watched, I couldn't help but notice some obvious parallels between two greatest TV shows of all times. So here are the photo evidence...

Foot in your ass

Smart ass

Dumb asses


Public Property

I shared them on the GWC forum... they suggested Gaeta for Fez... so here goes...

I said good day

I conclude, Battlestar Galactica Reimagined Series is just That 70s' Show in Space.
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  • 小道
  • 好久不見

    My english is very pool
    ㄆㄆ 不知道有沒有寫對= =
  • 呵,小道,歡迎來我家啦,我也沒很常寫英文啦,不過有些東西寫漢文也不會有太多人有興趣的 :P

    hansioux 於 2008/07/27 15:14 回覆

  • 小道
  • 這麼說也是拉~
    例如:法條光看到就頭痛懶的看= =
  • 瑄
  • hahaha 你好可愛..

    最近越來越多朋友在看 Battlestar Galactica......Susan is watching it, too!!!!....along w/ at least 3 other friends.. I feel so left out! :( I guess it's time for me to start watching it, too...可是 哪裡可以下載呢?

    :) 你聽過 Dexter 嗎? 我最近在看.. :D
  • 沒看過 Dexter 只看過 Dexter's Laboratory :P 不過我想是不一樣的東西 XD

    BSG 到現在也第四季了,要跟的話記得要從 mini series 開始,而不是第一季喔。

    hansioux 於 2008/08/01 03:13 回覆

  • 瑄
  • 什麼mini series阿?
  • Battlestar Galactica Re-imagining Series 的 pilot 是一個兩小時的影集,切成上下兩集,叫 mini series。如果不從這個 pilot 看,會覺得節目跳很快 :P

    hansioux 於 2008/08/04 03:13 回覆