So this is it.  The end of the most masterful television program to have ever graced the screens.  The last 2 hours is simply the most beautiful imagery I have seen on any TV programs.  It was nothing short of pure genius and pure heart.  And to those who have missed the ride, I wish they will come around and see the most relevant show of the past decade.


Many fans after the show lingered on what were the head-characters and Starbuck.  Were the head-characters good or evil.  Who do they serve?  My take is the head-characters served the eternal force that allows the cycle to run over and over again.  And their mission was to preserve enough survivors so the cycle would continue.  That was their only goal.  They are not for the good or evil.  They are not on the side of the Cylons or Humans. 


They never yanked the chains to make something happen, they influenced those with abilities to make things happen, and let it up to people's free will to decide if they would step up to the plate when time calls for it.  In the end the unseen eternal force and the head-characters helped guide the survivors to the new Earth. 


There were many who weren't happy with the Starbuck poofing away.  Although what the head characters were and what was Starbuck 2.0 weren't clearly stated.  Many decided they were angels.  Some have gone as far as taking it as literally the angels in the Christianity sense.  I don't see it that way.  And I feel there was something fundamentally different between Starbuck and the head-characters.


Since Starbuck was never really just in the heads, saying she was like the head-character is pointless.  At most you can say she is strongly influenced by the eternal force that continued the cycles.  To me, Starbucks' unknown father, death, resurrection and ascension reminds me of Christ's journey.  The main difference would be Christ rose from death with the same body, where as Kara has a duplicated body.  But their deaths shared a theme of atonement for sins of others and opens up opportunities for the mankind to do things the right way without past burdens.  Though whether or not the cycle can be broken is up to the free will of the people.


Of course this is only a shared theme.  I am not saying Kara is literally Christ v0.1.  This is coming from someone who isn't into Christianity, but I am just a lot more satisfied with Kara 2.0 being a real flesh and blood person as opposed to just being angels or simply phantom in everyone's head.  Because the journey is for Kara to realize who she is as a person, not for others to realize what Kara is as a supernatural being.



poor Tyrol


My favorite character is Boomer.  And she was again shafted.  This time permanently.  I expected it, but I wish something better could have happened for her, and Tyrol for that matter.  But that's just because i have such a hard time hating her.  It's tough to see Tyrol broken at the end.  How he managed to find strength to live on I would never know.


In the end the show isn't about what the head people or Starbuck are, or what happened to the characters.  It's about making us rethink of our preconception about currently events, such as abortion rights, human rights, women's rights, terrorism and so much more.  It is great because the writers didn't set out to preach anything to the viewers.  They were truthful to how the characters would react in given situations relevant to real world events.  And human conditions alone is the most gripping part of any story telling. 


They put those characters that the audience identify with into situations which the audience in real life is opposed to.  Everyone can identify with Chief Tyrol.  But everyone condemns terrorism.  So what happens if Tyrol is put into a position for him to resort to terrorism?  How does it make the audience feel when they realized there are situations where they feel comfortable with the concept of terrorism?  Is it the terrorism that's horrible, or the conditions that forces people to resort to terrorism that is the root of evil?


The BSG panel at the United Nations are especially wonderful to watch.  This gave me great appreciation to the works of the UN.


  1. Human Rights - High Commissioner for Human Rights, Craig Mokhiber, discuss his views on civil rights as a civil rights lawyer.
  2. Children and Armed Conflict - Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict, Radhika Coomaraswamy, discuss what UN workers have seen happened to children in war zones, and what the UN is doing to help.
  3. Terrorism - Assistant Secretary-General for Policy Planning, Robert Orr, discuss what the UN is doing to put an end to terrorism at its root.
  4. Reconciliation and Dialogue among Civilizations and Faiths - Minister and Deputy Permanent Representative, Rose Osode, discuss cultural and faith conflicts.


However, I feel saddened by the comments of UN giving every nation of this world a forum to resolve conflicts and for cooperation.  Because my own nation is not represented in the UN due to political influence. 


And there goes my long rant.  What an awesome finish to an awesome series.


p.s. I have to say, Hera was the Mitochondrial Eve because Hotdog's rash wiped out the native race of humans.

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