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Summer Glau for Batgirl.  Just sayin'

  All the talk about Summer Glau made me want to share the spoof Avatar I made for Galactic Watercooler's Batman Arc.


  Maybe a few pics with what I mean by Summer Glau looking like Jennifer Love Hewitt, Alicia Stone, and Jennifer Garner at special angles… if i can find them that is.

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WHY! WHY would anyone cancel a show like TSCC?


  In the near future, a group of angry Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicle fans got together and designed a sophisticated AI which turned into Skynet, which then sent back Terminators to early 2009 with a mission to terminate those who canceled TSCC. 


  Rage aside, i love this show as much as I loved Battlestar Galactica.  For franchises started on the simple premise of killer robots chasing people around, both shows discovered deeper subjects to explorer.  While TSCC's exploration of "what it is to be human" is not as prominent as BSG, but when it does, the result is shockingly beautiful.


"They can not appreciate beauty.  They can not create art.  If they ever learn these things, they won't have to destroy us.  They will be us."

Sarah Connor

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So this is it.  The end of the most masterful television program to have ever graced the screens.  The last 2 hours is simply the most beautiful imagery I have seen on any TV programs.  It was nothing short of pure genius and pure heart.  And to those who have missed the ride, I wish they will come around and see the most relevant show of the past decade.

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The Adama Tears Show…


This episode is like a detailed description of how the show came to an end creatively and the eulogy for the series' end.  Let's draw the parallels.  The ship named Battlestar Galactica, aged and battle worn, brought back from being a museum, is on the verge of breaking apart.  It took  great efforts to piece things back, even introducing a lot of Cylon forces and technologies.  But all was in vein and at the end the two helmsmen of the ship, Bill Adama and Saul Tigh, decided to let the ship go out in style, sat solemnly and made a toast to the ship Battlestar Galactica.


The miniseries of Reimagining of Battlestar Galactica brought an old show, that had its glory but wasn't given the light of day, back into popularity.  It was new, it was fresh, it was promising and a beacon of hope.  However the creative process of not having a definite plan, battling long breaks, big budget, low ratings, the writer strike, and creating story lines on the fly just to get the greatest effect, had serious side-effects.  The show was breaking apart from the seams.  They brought in a lot of Cylon stories, turned several fans favorite characters in to Cylons.  But the two creators of the show realized if they go any further, the show would crash and burn, so they decided to let the show end at season 4, while they still can piece the puzzle together and go out in style.  And they wrote this episode to solemnly made a toast to the show Battlestar Galactica.


There's two more episodes until the series' end.

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The last episode probably is hard for any Sharon-shippers out there.  I don't care if you are Athena-Helo shipper or the Boomer-Tyrol shipper, unless you are some skeevy Boomer-Cavil shipper, you'd be heart broken after this episode.  I can say with certainty now, there is't a happy soul left on Galactica, or that entire universe.

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Nathan, ever the politician.


There are a lot of talks about Nathan's rapid shifting of sides in Heroes season 3.  Frankly there are a lot of talks about Sylar's rapid shifting of sides in season 3.  Some fans thinks this is due to poor writing, and they are out of character. 


I don't share that view and I think this could possibly be the deepest and most thoughtful season of Heroes yet.  I think the writer is trying to show us it's not your views that makes you a villain, because you can be a villain no matter what your view is.

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我看到對這部電影最好的詮釋來自於 ottocat 轉錄 withjulian 的文


若這些是影片想表達的隱喻,那這部電影絕不只滿嘴髒話的年輕人鬧事那麼簡單。可是要不是看到 ottocat 的影評,我想不到職棒新聞穿插在劇情中的用意。第一時間看不出這些關係,造成了底下想說的失落感。










影片最後小湯把球投給廖敏雄時,球一投出就 fade out 然後配個聲效。也讓人覺得有點失落,希望可以等廖敏雄打出牆外再 fade out。也許要拍到這幕會許要重拍很多次(因為張捷投球流暢度實在讓人 Orz),但是有這幕的話感覺會很不一樣吧。

最後挑些小細節娛樂自己:1、騎去城隍廟時在東大路橋上騎成反方向。2、新竹球場的顏色和塑膠椅墊都是去年才有的。3、南寮海邊的長亭也是近年才蓋的。4、新竹夜景中有 Sogo 和三越當然也都是近幾年才有的。這些不是重點,只是身為新竹人看到不免會去注意。畢竟新竹變的地方他們又不能把它拆了,所以小細節只是看得人挑好玩的而已。


Ottocat - 一段屬於1997年畢業的高中生的回憶:九降風 看完九降風一定要看看這篇影評
導演日記(四) 與棒球王子廖敏雄見面 講到雄哥面對這部影片的態度。雄哥加油!
lalala 愛棒球 - 九降風,一定要去看! 球迷 lalala 對電影,與和雄哥討論的感想

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哈,連兩篇與棒球無關的文耶 T_T

Well, well, well... after just 10 episodes, the first half of BSG season 4 comes to a screeching halt. No new episodes of season 4 until January of 2009, yup, that would be half an year from now, Craaaaaaaaaap~~~ and you can say that again.

Just 2 months ago BSG ended an year long hiatus, and now 10 epis later we have another 6 months to wait for new content. I swear to Gods if this isn't such a great show, fans would be storming the Vancouver studio gates by now.

Before I get any further, I must answer my own question (yes, i talk to myself, that's why I have a blog), which is "Why the frak do I have to write in English every time I talk about Battlestar Galactica?" Well, the answer I guess is simply I don't know anyone in Taiwan who watches BSG. I know that Cinemax Taiwan used to show season 2 at some obscure time slot, but not a lot of people watched.

Besides, then I'll have to spend the time and brain power to translate the show, and BSG is so beautifully written, I don't think it could be done.

Anyway, the 4.0 finale was awesome.

*spoiler alert*

So they finally reached earth, humans and cylons side by side, putting away their bitterness and suspicion. Wow, that was exciting, but no, BSG can't leave you with a happy ending.

Earth turned out to be just a nuke wasted inhabitable dump. The final pan over the ruined beach head is simply epic and beautifully done.

What the frak are you smiling at?

The Cylon Specialist formerly known as Chief Tyrol went through a lot of crap through the 4 seasons. Boomer, the love of his life, turned out to be a Cylon and his crew killed her. And yet Helo got married to another cylon model 8 with Boomers memories and then had a baby, the crew seems to be just fine with them. He went from man of the people to discovering that he himself is a cylon. Then he lost his wife, then his job. No wonder this man doesn't give a frak that Earth is a fraking winter desert worse than New Caprica.

The other scene where Tyrol just smiled at the absurdity of the situation was when he and Anders got arrested for being Cylons. Chief Tyrol has always been my favorite character of the show. He didn't have more than 3 lines in this episodes, but every shot of him speaks volume.

Is this really Earth? Who the frak knows. If Roslin is the dying leader, then this ain't Earth, or as Sean on GWC said it, their religion is crap. The whole premise of the show was these survivors need to find the lost planet earth. Now they've "found" it and it only made the show even more interesting. That takes creative genius to pull off. So cheers BSG fans, let's all toast a Cylon shooter to RDM and David Eick (no pun intended).

*/spoiler alert*

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直到試閱 Don Schumann 所寫「玩味宿霧島」一書的書頁照片,才發現過去聽聞的「美麗的沙灘與珊瑚」根本不足以形容宿霧的特色。

初見作者的姓名,還在想不知道翻譯的品質如何。試閱之後才發現自己完全想錯了。大部份的旅遊書內塞了一堆照片,另外僅有短短文字列出餐廳和旅館的住址。Don 身為攝影生涯20年的專業攝影師,照片精美當然不在話下。沒想到文字內容也如照片一樣豐富流暢。

作者不但分享親身體驗,並優美地側寫出鏡頭下成了漏網之魚的人文氣息,和環境周遭細節。使我有種身入其境,穿過了 Hilton Cebu Resort & Spa 旅館中庭的感覺。

總之如果想要到菲律賓最有名的觀光聖地,充滿歷史人文氣息的宿霧,看來非借助 Don Schumann 的「玩味宿霧島」不可了。


旅店浪人 • 島遊家 玩味宿霧島 新書預告 Introducing Hotel Trotter • Island Traveler of Savoring Cebu

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well... i wanted to say "i wish i am those mopeds", but i wont! ... oops?

As Battlestar Galactica jumps into the fourth season, I am beginning to think about the Cylons in a different way. The series explores much deeper philosophical aspects of the real world. So I no longer just take the face value of what are being presented.

Cylons used to be just machines which led themselves to think that there's only one true god. The skin-jobs are machines imitating humans as a ploy to bring the end to the human race. Then we had Boomer, programed to think she is human, only to realize she's a Cylon. After trying to bring the Cylons to see there is a possible way to live in peace only to have everything crash and burn, she now has given up on her human identity.

On the other hand we had Athena. Knowing perfectly that she is a Cylon but chooses to be with the person she loves over the goal of her race. In doing so she learned to live with humans and gained their trust.

With the revelation of the final 5. I think by this point it's clear the Cylons can makes their own choices, despite being identical and able to share information and experiences with one another, making each one of them unique.

Therefore, when I think about them now, the Cylons, at least the skin-jobs, is a symbolic representation of human traits, human choices, self-identification and self exploration.

The uniqueness of each individual isn't how we view ourselves or the way we think. It is defined by our actions and our choices reflects our true personality. In the real world we are faced with the decision to fit in or be unique. We are frightened by the prospects of being an outcast, yet we desperately wish to unique.

This conflict is demonstrated by the Cylons and magnified through the abstraction of science fiction. In a sense, each Cylon models' struggle seems like a persons struggle to find the meaning for being and the reason for existence. Sometimes, the Cylons seems a lot more human than the human on the show. Especially now that Chief Tyrol is on their side.

While it is easy to live under a cause, putting self-demons aside while fighting for a single goal, what happens to the Cylons when the humans are truly exterminated? What then will be the purpose of Cylon's being? Some Cylons are figuring out this problem, and I think season 4 will have to address this issue before bring the series to its finale.

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Well look, I know I've just seen an awesome ball game, taken lots of photos, and had a blast. And if I should write something, it should have been about the ball game, and it probably shouldn't be in English either.

Not that I aren't geeky enough already, but, OMG can you believe the season 4 premier of Battlestar Galactica???

First of all, I am reminded why it is the best scifi ever made. Just the look and feel of this cable network TV show is better than 90% of major summer blockbusters out there. When you add the depth of philosophical questions that the story itself proposes or the daring exploration of real world relevance, it is simply the best show on TV.

I thought DS9's eerie prophecy like insight and forwardness into future world events can never be surpassed. I mean DS9 was a show that ended in 1999, but became extremely relevant since September 11th, 2001. No other show on television ever brought the viewers to examine the basic nature of terrorism this deeply. Why is it that we can identify with the Bajoran terrorists? Why is it that most viewers finds the Maquis un-sympathetical, yet others who feels they are no less justified than the Bajorans? Not to mention the exploration of religion and terrorism was simply way ahead of the tragic events that brought these topics to the front view of the American public.

Yet I now feel Battlestar will be the next prophetical scifi. We may not see how it will be relevant just yet, but I think when the human race is staring extinction right in the face and can no longer run from the things we've done, we'd just realize the greatness of the show too late, like how it was with DS9. The only reason why these shows can achieve the "prophecy like realism" is that Ron Moore and the creators stay faithful to finding out what really would happen and how people really would react in the circumstances. Other shows often copped out going for the dramatic effect.

Back to the actual finale. It was so great, so engaging, so awesome and so much like a huge budget movie, that I felt an indescribable anger, rage and a bizarre sense of content when "To Be Continued..." was thrown in my face at the end of an hour. How can they possibly leave me hanging like that? The only thing that could compare with this annoyance would be CPBL's draw game rule.

Why did Kara go to Roslin? What does she hope to accomplish by pointing a gun at the president of the colonies? What really happened to Kara during the 2 months when she was "supposedly dead". Who is the last Cylon? What is the true nature of Head-Six and just what role is Gius Baltar suppose to fulfill? I feel that there are just as much, if not more questions after this episode than the last season finale.

But I am glad to see a few things:

1. Lee decides to quit the military and go into politics. This probably will have A LOT to do with how the story ends. Lee never truly wished to be a Viper pilot, it is his calling to take up politics. After seasons of being a bland character, Lee is now a fresh cup of tea. He will be as refreshing as Laura Roslin when she first took office. Lee's strong moral code and faith in others will be what saves the fleet from turning on each other.

2. I no longer have any doubt that the supposed final 4 are indeed the final 4 Cylons. Tigh projected himself shooting Adama for gods sakes. Are they preprogrammed? Can they overcome the programming and choose their own paths? How will they make their choices? What can they depend on as their guide, morally or principally, when making their choices? Are the final 4 Cylons even going to stand united or turn on each other?

The rest of the puzzle won't be revealed until next week. So, there... After one whole year of waiting between season 3 and season 4, what's another week, right......?

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  最初聽到 The Kite Runner 這本書是我兩位印度裔同事在吃飯的時候聊起它。對他們來說書中的人事物大概有如台灣人讀日本小說一般熟悉。我一直很想讀這本書,但是一直沒有行動。直到今年在台南一間十分時尚的義式素食餐廳裡翻了台灣譯版的「追風箏的孩子」。看完第一章後,我發覺我進入了一開全新的世界,故事裡阿富汗短暫的昇平年代有如奇幻世界一樣陌生,卻又說不出的熟悉。


  其實這本書的寫作手法對我來說有很多地方有些許的老套。比如說我讀完第一章後便覺得主角 Amir,主角的父親與他的小僕人 Hassan 間必有另外不尋常的關係。和讀到中段時便以預知 Amir 最後會領養 Hassan 的小孩。這並不是作者的錯,因為我相信故事的寫法和路線對歐美人士來說是頗為新穎的。但是也許亞洲人講故事的法式比較類似吧,有很多伏筆的手法我總覺得似曾相識。


  一本好的小說離不開人性,尤其是在艱難中受著考驗的人性。在惡劣的環境下不論是無所不在的人性弱點,或是曇花一現讓人感到無比驕傲的光明面,都是一個好故事所必備的材料。而命運中濃郁的諷刺感是一個故事最好的調味料。The Kite Runner 就是這樣一本書。

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  曾經 Star Trek 是美國電視界中,對現有的社會及文化問題最有創新與反省能力的節目。早從第一部 Star Trek: TOS (The Original Series) 開始,就在美國電視史上創下第一次不同種族(白人和黑人)接吻畫面。


  而 Star Trek: DS9 影集更是毫不迴避的從宗教,種族歧視,大屠殺,奴役,恐怖活動,戰爭,政治口號等一一透過科幻冷靜檢視。


  首播於 1993 年 1 月 3 號,結束於1999 年 6 月 2 號,這部算是 pre-911 (前911) 的節目,卻比任何後911的電視影集都還透徹。配合著影集中對超自然描述,有種近乎預言性的涵義。


  對於習慣了 TOS 和 TNG (Star Trek: The Next Generation,台視的銀河飛龍) 未來世界中沒有戰爭,飢餓,甚至超脫金錢的 Star Trek 影迷來說, DS9 大概比中藥還難喝。甚至拒絕承認它是 Star Trek 的一部份。隨著時間和 911 事件,當年這部不受重視,飽受批評的影集反而吸引了越來越多的影迷。


  當然,今天要講的是當年引爆許多爭議的一吻。美國電視史上第一次播出同性接吻的 Rejoined (重逢)。

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我倒滿希望她音樂也能練起來,讓台灣有個真正的搖滾女歌手。台灣女星唱歌軟趴趴的實在太多了。我說了,演危險的人以後都會有很好的發展,最近找紀培慧來到我的 blog 的已經一天超過四十人次了。真可怕,我的 blog 其實和紀培慧沒什麼關係。抱歉啦諸位,我只是在討論危險心靈,順便說一下紀培慧很漂亮,個性又鮮明,以後一定會紅。大家等著看吧 ^_^~

對了,培培有拍陶喆的一部片mv喔,至於是已經拍了還是新的 mv 呢?大家知道的告知一聲吧!


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徐立功面前 李安三度落淚








徐立功和李安相識多年,分享榮耀與甘苦,李安三度落淚,讓徐立功一輩子也忘不了。徐立功說,第一次是「囍宴」得了金熊獎,回台後新聞局請客,席上有珍貴的 魚翅,李安看著看著就哭了,然後衝進洗手間,把同桌的人嚇壞了。散席後徐立功問李安怎麼了,李安說:「在紐約那麼多年,從來沒和家人吃過那麼好的東西,我 想到我太太…」。




【2006/03/07 聯合報】


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So what we got now is Brokeback Mountain!
Everything's built on that!
That's all we got, boy, fuckin' all.



江濱柳,我告訴你,這場戲你不好好演, 到了下場戲,等你老了,躺在病床上,你就沒有回憶了



李安是不是也曾這樣在斷背山的營火邊和年輕裝扮的 Ennis 與 Jack 講呢?







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  紀錄片最後,除了 Musasuinu 這首歌之外,同時也放了這一首改編歌。讓人感觸頗深。


註:pailang是原住民稱呼漢人的名詞,一說取自台語的歹人(壞人),另一來源可能是西班牙人稱漢人居所為 Parian。在西班牙統治台灣北部時也曾設立 Parian。




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Hittori Hanzo (服部半藏)

  這部電影是昆汀.塔倫堤諾(Quentin Tarantino)的第四部導演作,絕對是武打片中的極品。當我走出戲院時,我分不出是剛剛看完一部日本卡通,還是一部好萊塢電影。其實……這部電影至少有三十分鐘就是道地的日本卡通。




  如片頭一開始居然出現紹氏的片頭,讓人不禁看一看自己是不是走錯了,誤入二十年前的戲院。之後後出現了一句對Star Trek 的玩笑引句:

Revenge is a dish best served cold. (復仇最好是冷的時候上菜)

An old Klingon Proverb (古克林貢俗語)



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