The last episode probably is hard for any Sharon-shippers out there.  I don't care if you are Athena-Helo shipper or the Boomer-Tyrol shipper, unless you are some skeevy Boomer-Cavil shipper, you'd be heart broken after this episode.  I can say with certainty now, there is't a happy soul left on Galactica, or that entire universe.



I myself am a Boomer-Tyrol shipper.  I have always hoped they give Boomer more story.  My favorite rewatchable episode is Downloaded.  There have always been pretty shocking BSG episodes.  Like when Dee shot herself, that was an excellent episode.  Or when they arrived on Earth, only to find out it's Erf and just looked over the beach.  Those were shocking, if not gut wrenching.


But this episode really left a pit in my stomach.  Even hours after watching it I can feel the uneasiness.  It was almost the kind of feeling after being dumped.  Well, I am sure that's what Chief was feeling in that screen cap, dumped, used, toyed, betrayed, made fool of.


It's like every season/half season, they need to torture the chief at least in one or two episodes.  Kind of like what they used to do to O'Brien on DS9.  Only this time, I think they have completely broken the chief.  The first time Boomer died, he built the black bird.  When Tori murdered Cally, he stopped caring and throw a fit to get himself demoted.  But this time the line's been crossed and our old chief won't be back.  Not as his old self anyway.


So what possible motivation could there be for Boomer to do what she did?  Fooling the chief,  torment Helo and Athena?  Why Boomer?  Why choose skeeviness?

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